Miss Northwood Pageant


Miranda McGlocklin, Editor

On December 1, 2018 Northwood High School held its annual senior fundraiser. Thirty-one students grades pre-k through twelve participated in this event.

Last year’s Miss Northwood, Miranda McGlocklin, crowned the winners. Kady Harris was the MC for the night. The senior escorts were Spencer Carter, Lathem Foran and Ben Yates. Seniors Catie Bordwine, Lindsey Sword, Cole Henderson and Silver Snodgrass also helped out with the pageant that night, making it a success!

Congratulations Emily Barrett on being crowned

2018/2019 Miss Northwood!

MaryEllen DeBord
Miss Northwood:
Queen: Emily Barrett
1st (tie): Casey Litton and Mattie Maiden
2nd: Danielle Taylor


MaryEllen DeBord
Miss People’s Choice: Casey Litton


MaryEllen DeBord
Jr. Miss Northwood:
Queen: Kiersten Thomas
1st: Kaitlyn Hamm
2nd: Tia Crowgey


MaryEllen DeBord
Teen Miss Northwood:
Queen: Olivia Briggs
1st: Serenity Crouse
2nd: Anessa Jackson


Jr. Miss People’s Choice:
Remmie Thomas


MaryEllen DeBord
Miss Northwood Intermediate:
Queen: Hailey Graber
1st: Emily Neal


MaryEllen DeBord
Little Miss Northwood:
Queen: Addison Chapman
1st: Belle Helton
2nd (tie): Alexis Elmore and Brooklyn Griffey


MaryEllen DeBord
Miss Northwood Primary:
Queen: Ava-Mae Heath
1st: Tommie Buchanan
2nd: Karley Kestner


MaryEllen DeBord
Tiny Miss Northwood:
Queen: Remmie Thomas
1st: Paris Russell
Congratulations to all the winners!