Strive For 5 Monthly Winners

Layla Snodgrass, Editor

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Attend Today,

Achieve Tomorrow


Every month students who have perfect attendance and no tardies will get their names put into a bowl and at the end of each month four students’ names will be drawn out for a $25 Walmart Gift card.  At the end of the year there will be a Grand Prize for one student with perfect attendance.

August Winners:

Haliegh Snodgrass, Hannah Kirk, Josh Godsey, and Noah West

September Winners:

Emily Worley, Alex Henderson, Darrin King, and Spencer Carter

October Winners:

Kady Harris, Chance Moore, Matthew Trivett, and Dalton Hoover


November Winners:

Cooper Frye, Issac Rangel, Dalton Carter, and Alex Tolbert


December Winners:

Suzanne Little, Tristan Bowman, Rebecca Turley. Not pictured: Hillary Sybers

January Winners:

Tyler Waddle, Caitlin Myers, Cole Henderson, and Hayleigh Wright

February Winners:

Darren King, Hannah Kirk, Tia Crowgey and Shane DuBree


April’s Winners:

John Worley, Dustin Hoover, Dalton Hoover, Josh Robbins








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