Senior Trip to Disney!

Rachel Smith, Editior

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On Sunday, the 29th, the seniors left on plane to head to Disney.  The plane ride took a little over 2 hours, and our students arrived in Orlando around 10:40.  They took a bus to the resort, where Stacey Poston spent hours trying to find their building, and it wasn’t until 1:00 AM that they got to their rooms. The next morning they went to Magic Kingdom, and they spent 12 hours at that park. On the 31st, the seniors went to Animal Kingdom, where they had an educational behind the scenes tour of the park.  After the tour, the students were allowed to go and explore the park. At 6:00, they all left the park and heading towards the shopping center, Disney Springs. The next day was also split. The first half of he day was spent in Epcot, and the other was in Hollywood Studios. On Thursday, May the 1st, the students woke at 4:00 AM and went to the airport to go home.

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