2018/2019 Class Officers!

Congrats to our Chosen Leaders!

April Moore-Jones, Adviser

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Senior SCA Class Officers

    • President: Spencer Carter
    • Vice President: Micah Haga
    • Secretary/Treasurer: Miranda McGlocklin
    • Public Relations: Kady Harris


Junior Class Officers


    • President: Danielle Taylor
    • Vice President: James Jackson
    • Secretary/Treasurer: Hagan VanDeest
    • SCA Reps: Nancy Jo Roberts and Alex Tuell


Sophomore Class Officers

    • President: Cooper Frye
    • Vice President: Amy Harris
    • Secretary/Treasurer: Dalton Thomas
    • SCA Reps: Priscilla Surber and Justin Zhang


Freshman Class Officers

    • President: Molly Holmes
    • Vice President: Seth DeBusk
    • Secretary/Treasurer: Hudson Arnold
    • SCA Reps: Caroline Hayden and Nick Prater.
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