Miss Northwood Pageant

To be held Saturday, Dec. 1st at 3:00

Crown for the 11th-12th grade Miss Northwood Pageant.

Crown for the 11th-12th grade Miss Northwood Pageant.

April Moore-Jones, Adviser

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The Miss Northwood Pageant will be held Saturday, Dec. 1st at 3:00.

This pageant is open to all girls in grades PreK-12 who attend Saltville Elementary, Rich Valley Elementary, Northwood Middle School and Northwood High School. Forms were handed out the second week of November. This is an annual fundraiser for the NHS Senior Class.  Members of the Class of 2019 will be given money credit for the participation of the contestants. So, if you enter, please be sure to list a member of the senior class as a sponsor on the entry form. Your participation, support and cooperation are appreciated.

Click here for an entry form for grades PreK-8th.

Click here for an entry form for grades 9th-12th.

The pageant will consist of seven categories:

  • Tiny Miss Northwood (PreK-K)*
  • Miss Northwood Primary (1-2)*
  • Little Miss Northwood (3-4)*
  • Miss Northwood Intermediate (5-6)*
  • Miss Petite Northwood (7-8)*
  • Junior Miss Northwood (9-10)*
  • Miss Northwood (11-12)*

(* We reserve the right to combine categories if needed because of numbers of contestants.)


  • Grades PreK-8 may wear either a long or short dress.
  • Grades 9-12: Must wear an evening gown.


  • Please enter the height of the contestant so we can assign numbers.
  • Something Special Photography will be available to take pictures.
  • A $10.00 entry fee will be charged for each girl. Upon receipt of fee and form, a free ticket for a parent/guardian will be given to the contestant by their school.
    • Students at Saltville Elementary and Rich Valley Elementary schools may turn in their form and entry fee in to their teacher.
    • Students at Northwood Middle School may turn their form and entry fee in to the office.
    • Students at Northwood High School may turn their form and entry fee in to Mrs. Moore-Jones, Ms. Tammy Taylor or Ms. Ann Marshall.
  • Entry forms must be returned to the contestant’s school by November 29 so we may print the program with each contestant’s name. Any contestant who enters late may not be listed in the program.
  • Score sheets will NOT be available to contestants.


  • Rehearsal for the PreK-8th grade participants will be held on Friday afternoon, November 30th beginning at 5:30 in the NHS auditorium.
    • It is the sole responsibility of the parent or their representative to bring and pick up their child to and from rehearsal.
  • Rehearsal for the Junior Miss and Miss Northwood pageants will be held during R/A the week of the pageant.

Don’t forget about People’s Choice Awards! There will be a winner from grades PreK-5th and grades 6th-12th!”

— Miss Northwood Pageant

  1. All contestants are on stage when the curtain opens in a semi-circle
  2.   Beginning in the center all contestants walk by two to the front of the stage and stop
  3. Contestants turn and walk off stage in the opposite direction
  1. Contestants will be introduced individually as each enters the stage
  2. Each will walk a pageant T:
    • From the back of the stage, walk toward the center X and turn around.
    • From the center X, walk to the right X and turn around.
    • From the right X walk to the far left X and turn around.
    • Return to the center X and walk to the center back of the stage and exit to the side you came in on.
  1. All contestants are on stage when the curtain opens to await the announcement of the winners.


If you have questions concerning the pageant, please contact Tammy Taylor at [email protected], April Moore-Jones at [email protected] or Ann Marshall at [email protected] You may call and leave a message at 276-496-7751.




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April Moore-Jones, Adviser

April Moore is the adviser to the panthertrail.com webpage.  She has been employed at Northwood High School for nine years.  She has been employed as...

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Miss Northwood Pageant